DocsReport refers to the complete set of public documents of any company. As a part of our DocsReport offering, you will get the access to Incorporation Documents, Historical Annual Returns & Balance Sheet eForms, Certificates, Charge Documents, Change in Directors,Other eForm Documents, Other Attachments and all other latest documents available at Ministry of Corporate Affairs website.

We can provide the documents of any Private Limited, Public Limited (Listed/Unlisted) company registered in India under Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

DocsReport enables you to download the documents with great ease and comfort. Please refer to the features mentioned below.

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Features of DocsReport
Delivered within 3 Hours
Complete set of documents will be downloaded within 3 or 4 working hours from the time of order. Once the documents are ready for download, you will receive an email. You can download anytime at your convenience.
Download in Single Click
You can download all the 100s or 1000s of public documents of a company in a single click in compressed format.You can download all documents or selected documents or attachments directly in a single click.
Download documents by folder
All documents are well classified and organized under various sections and folders. e.g. Financial Statements, Annual Return, Charges Documents, Incorporation Documents, etc. You can download the documents by respective section.

6 Months Validity
The documents you have purchased will be available up to 6 months from the date of purchase. You can download any time and any number of times within the validity period. The same set of documents will be available throughout the validity period for download.
Download Attachments Directly
You can download the attachments of Forms directly from PerfiosFinancials without the need to open the respective forms. e.g. The shareholding details that is available as an attachment form MGT-7 can be downloaded directly without opening MGT-7.
Unlimited Downloads
Download the company documents any number of times from any PC at any Time. We support concurrent users and multiple people at the same time can login from different places or different computers and download the documents. Download all or part of available documents unlimited number of times.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will I get latest documents or as available with you?
You will always get the latest set of company documents as on or after the date of your purchase. We will download fresh set of documents everytime we receive order from our client for every company.

Is there any discount for bulk or regular purchase?
Yes. Please contact our sales team at the phone numbers mentioned in our website. We will provide discount on bulk purchases or regular purchases.

Are the financial documents for all years?
Yes. Complete set of historical documents will be available. You do not need to pay extra. Within your DocsReport price, you can get the complete historical documents as available at MCA.

Do I need to download within 3 hours?
No. You can download the documents anytime within 6 months from the date of your order. You can download the documents any number of times.

Will I get any support?
Yes. If you have any difficulty in downloading the documents or for any other queries, Contact us at
Please contact our support team at