Decisions Made Instant

At the right time

At the right time

To make decisions instantly with confidence, you need reliable insights at the right time. Your need to wait for the right information and insights will end here.

All at one place

All at one place

The pain of running to places and people to gather pieces of information is over. Now, access all the decision critical insights and information at one place. The information is acquired from trusted, verified and reliable sources.

Simplified for all

Simplified for all

The complex data, information structure and templates made simple to enable financial novice to be able to understand, use and make intellectual decisions.

Our Products



Provides in depth analysis and insights. Enables you with deepest understanding of risk and financial standing of a company.

PerfiosDetailed includes, master information, latest 3 year balance sheets, profit and loss statements, financial ratios, detailed charges search report, rating, employment, director and signatory information of a company.

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Categorize your client base, for faster and smarter targeting. Qualify your prospects instantly, get a quicker understanding of your leads.

PerfiosSummary includes, master information, latest 3 year financial summary, detailed charges, rating, employment, director and signatory information of a company.

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Now download the latest and historic Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, and other key public documents of your key customers, vendors, and competitors in a single click.

PerfiosDocs enables you to access, view and download the public documents, either individually or all at once as a compressed file. Download anytime and any no of times.

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Integrate, Automate and Succeed, is the formula every company is following. Harvest the power of our APIs, to integrate our insightful data and automate the process.

PerfiosDaas (Data as a Service) enables you to have seamless access to our decision critical insights. Right from the company master information, we can provide the financial ratios, balance sheet data and profit and loss and all other data through our APIs



Access, view, download and bookmark any company information for free at Perfios.

PerfiosBasic enables you with an interactive dashboard, updates you on new companies, your favourite companies, your viewed history, access to PerfiosNews and PerfiosBlog and much more. It also allows you, to download the free content. All these are for FREE.

Our Solutions

Banking and NBFS

  • Company Categorization: enables your corporate and retail banking sales team to work smarter and better.
  • Prospect Profiling: enables your corporate and retail sales team to gain deeper understanding of their prospects.
  • Risk Assessment: enables your operations team to assess the risk index of the company to define optimal exposure.
  • Data as a Service: Seamless integration with our insightful data for automation.
  • Custom Reports and Insights: Customize the reports and insights to suite to the requirements of all departments and functions in your organization.

Corporate – B2B Companies

  • Customer Profiling: Enables Deeper and proper understanding of your target customer, before your sales team approaches them.
  • Smart Targeting: Slicing and dicing the customer market based on various key parameters, will enable the organization to choose a smarter strategy that works.
  • Competitor Analysis: To stay ahead, you should know ahead. Know your competitors better to make competitive strategies.
  • Vendor Analysis: Vendor knowledge helps in negotiating better commercial terms with your vendor.

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Current Directors and Signatories  
Other Directorship  
Past Directors  
Company Financials  
Financial Highlights (Revenue, Expenditure, PBT, PAT)  
Detailed Financials (Balance Sheet, P&L for last 3 years)      
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Charges Details  
Open Charges Summary  
Charges Detailed Info  
Charges History  
Asset Search Report (Charges)  
Future Charges  
Compliance and Rating  
Ownership & Share Holding  
Credit Rating  
Company KYC Information  
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Latest MOA and AOA
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Frequently Asked Questions

Company data is out dated. How to get latest data?

Please click on the update button on right side of Company Highlights, Directors, Charges blocks to get latest information.

Do I need to pay anything to get may login or after login?

Login is completely free. Only if you wish to access our premium content, you need to pay otherwise no

Can't I order for your products without login?

No. All our online products are delivered to your login and you can comeback anytime and download any no of times

I am getting 400 / 500 Error or Contact Admin message, What to do?

Kindly Press Cntrl+F5 Key or Clear Cache data in your browser to get latest updated data.

Do I need to pay in advance or can I opt for monthly invoice?

For corporate customers we have monthly invoicing option. Please talk to our sales for further information.

Will my contact information be published or used elsewhere?

Your information will be kept confidential. Our sales team will contact you, only if you have requested a call back.

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